Specialty coffee is a term for the highest quality coffee available and is of the highest quality due to strict standards upheld throughout the supply chain.

Specialty coffees are coffees at their peak and are different from other coffees because specialty coffee has been grown at the perfect height, at the right time of year, in the best soil, in perfect weather conditions, and then harvested at the right time. .

Currently, you can find three lines of specialty coffees in our product range: Smantania Specialty Gourmet Coffee, Smantania Specialty Coffee Gold and Smantania Specialty Coffee Platinum, these are rated as Excellent, with a score greater than 85.

This surprising score requires a lot of work and dedication and also the presence of many other factors such as the characteristics of our Huila region, with its soils rich in volcanic minerals, the different microclimate of the region and where coffee is grown at high altitude, in areas mountain, which makes the coffee harvest manual, grain by grain.

Collecting only the red or yellow fruits, this work can also be carried out by some farmers in the region who see the harvest as a form of economic sustenance, collecting only the ripe fruits allows uniformity to the cup of coffee.

Then the coffee is taken for the washing process; The washing process is the most common in the entire region, although there are farmers who opt for other types of innovative processes such as honey or natural.

Before pulping the coffee, it is placed on a coffee structure specially designed to eliminate some defects that may come from the crop and that may alter the final cup such as green fruits or those that lack maturity, also to eliminate overripe and dried fruits. .
DEFECTS SEPARATION AND FINAL PROCESS, the coffee goes through a pulping machine. Subsequently, the mucilage is removed by fermentation of the grain in fermentation tanks or by mechanical means. Fermentation can last from 12 to 18 hours, depending on the following variables:

The temperature of the place: the longest fermentation time is required in the coldest areas.
The height of the coffee mass in the fermentation tank: the higher the coffee layer, the shorter the fermentation time.