1. Thanks to the work directly with the producer our company, Importaciones y Exportaciones Promisión S.A.S, guarantees fair and competitive prices to increase the profitability of your business.

  2. With great pride you can come to mercantilize an excellent coffee to which was granted the status of "Denomination of Origin Huila Coffee", on April 16, 2013.

  3. We know that time is gold and that is why we take care of bringing to you, in the shortest possible time, your product. To do this, we combine the new technologies that have been the ally when it comes to stealing days from the long export process.

  4. By working with different associative groups of coffee growers from Huila, which is Colombia's highest production new coffee area, you have the privilege of being able to choose the coffee with those characteristics that best fit your business activity.

  5. Another great benefit to enjoy when working with us is to be able to count on the availability of fresh product of equal quality throughout the year. To accomplish this, we have carried out field work in order to have a characterization of coffee in different municipalities of the Huila department and have an extensive list of possible suppliers.

  6. You are guaranteed that the product purchased is an excellent coffee that meets the high quality standards and all phytosanitary requirements enforced by the international market.

  7. You have the opportunity to market with the main speciality coffee production sector in the world, as it holds several awards nationally and internationally for being a speciality coffee of high quality.

  8. Imports & Exports Promission SAS, has its own brand of coffee, SMANTANIA CAFE, to market green of roasted coffee, as you prefer or require.

  9. You have the possibility to work with large, medium and small producers that focus on quality rather than volume, this is what makes coffee profiles so distinctive. A micro batch is defined as an exceptional coffee, unique for its cup profile and exclusive for its characteristics.

  10. You will receive a product that is collected manually, selecting only the best ripe fruits that gives the coffee a unique sweetness.