PROMISION S.A.S was born from a business idea, with the aim of exporting and marketing Colombian coffee to European and Asian countries with an industrialized presentation. To achieve this, the company acquires the Good Will of SMANTANIA CAFE according to the variety of products offered and the different qualities of coffee that are produced in the coffee growing areas of Huila.

According to the social objective that SMANTANIA CAFE promotes, it seeks to give importance to all our suppliers, that is, arriving at their farms and remunerating their work equitably according to the improvement of each of their processes and highlighting the quality of our Huila coffee.

In the year For this reason, the Good Will of SMANTANIA CAFE is acquired, where the main strategy that we develop in each coffee zone is the following: Grouping our farmers in an organized and efficient way, to then produce the best and smooth Huila coffee, guaranteeing that way a greater volume of commercialization and an adequate economic retribution in each zone or region of Huila.

The social responsibility of SMANTANIA CAFE can be highlighted through the associative groups made up of a group of people who live in an area or region of Huila who come together to articulate the production of each and every one of the coffee farms, where they meet a greater volume of product, to achieve fair and equitable trade of their work, through the traceability of coffee handling. This with the purpose of maintaining the well- being of the coffee-growing families of the Huila region and generating a sustainable economy.

The Colombian coffee brand SMANTANIA CAFE was established on October 21, 2013, has Registration Certificate Number 481046 before the superintendence of industry and commerce, where it seeks to provide the knowledge to prepare, taste and appreciate it, transmitting in turn, the importance of the region where it originates, of its people and culture, which since ancient times have prepared and preserved its greatest treasure "the most fertile lands in the world".