The Huila region, located in the Colombian Andes mountain range, has fertile valleys and snow- capped volcanoes that for millions of years have enriched the earth, and today make us the heirs of a region with perfect conditions, so that we can harvest one of the best coffees in the world.


SMANTANIA, inspired by the passion that a good coffee can awaken, it seeks to contribute its knowledge to prepare, taste and appreciate it, transmitting at the same time the importance of the region where it originates, its people and culture, which since ancient times have prepared and preserved their soils.


The word "smantania" from the Aymara dialect, used by the indigenous people who once inhabited the Huila region and which means "transmit", gives life to SMANTANIA, the name with which we seek to immortalize a unique coffee that wants to share with the rest of the world, the culture, history and knowledge of a new coffee region.


In order to carry out our work and thinking about highlighting the best notes of our coffee, we want you to enjoy its characteristics, providing sensations and pleasure in each presentation.