Colombian coffee is in high demand in the world because it has some key factors at a competitive level such as the climate and land where it is grown, production of special varieties, the high quality stamps that have been granted to the national coffee, the logistical capacity of the country that allows to take the coffee to the destination where it is requested , and as well the Colombian laws have a wide regulation to control the coffee sector, which is done by the National Federation of Coffee Growers which is responsible for monitoring and regulating the entire norm.


Coffee is exported under tariff heading 0901.21.10.00 and 0901.21.20.00, additionally entities such as DIAN, ICA, INVIMA also implement controls and regulate shipments with foreign destinations so that coffee that is exported always meets the requirements of high quality and phytosanitary products that are required in international markets.


Based on the above considerations, Imports & Exports Promission SAS sees market opportunity, the business of exporting special coffee in three presentations: green, roasted and ground.


To export speciality coffee from Huila in three presentations: green, toasted and ground to European and Asian countries.


Imports & Exports SAS Promision SAS, will establish strategic purchasing alliances with coffee producers in the Huila department without the use of intermediaries, the process is to collect coffee in a collection center located in the urban area of the city of Neiva.


PROMISION S.A.S in the constant social, sustainable and economic development of the different agricultural sectors in the Huila region, it has the main objective of offering export products to a global market with the best prices and consolidating our brands, such as SMANTANIA CAFE among others. In the continuous search to import a variety of products offering the best quality and competitive prices according to the needs of our clients.


In the year 2023 the company PROMISION SAS, seeks to be recognized as a leader in the export of agricultural products and importers of various products of good quality and competitive prices in the European and Asian countries, covering the demands and needs of our clients with a qualified staff and avant-garde technology focusing its values on respect and teamwork, which serves as a reference to the agricultural sectors of the Huila region with its own corporate image, which identifies and differentiates itself from other companies in the sector.